Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center


Gentle Horses – the Natural Horsemanship Way…

What We Do

“The objective of owning a recreational horse is to have fun without either you or the horse getting hurt.”

Philosophy of Natural Horsemanship

We Sell Calm, Gentle HorsesJim&Ponyhead-MD

We also help people who are preparing to buy their first horse and can help you choose the most appropriate horse to buy. We then help new owners learn to ride safely, care for and enjoy these marvelous animals.

Our primary horse training focus is with helping horse owners who have horses with behavior problems more severe than they are capable of correcting themselves – even horses who have injured their owners or trainers.

What You Will Learn

  • Should you train your horse or teach your horse?
  • What is natural foot care? Horseshoeing, should you shoe your horse?
  • Why you should buy a horse from us.