What we do…

Natural Horsemanship Training for Horses and Riders

Picture of Jim Rea with three friendly horses.

Jim Rea and three horses who are ready and willing to learn

We correct horse behavior problems by teaching the horse new behaviors and by teaching the owner or rider how to avoid whatever it was that caused the unwanted behavior in the first place.

Some typical horse problems are:

  • Spooking and shying
  • Refusing to be caught
  • Biting and striking
  • Disrespect toward humans (not to be confused with fear)
  • Refusing to load in a trailer
  • Foot handling problems
  • Barn sour
  • Buddy sour

We start young horses on a path to a cooperative partnership with humans so they will be trusting, willing companions who follow dependable leaders.

Jim & mustang filly at the 2002 Wild Horse Workshop

Jim & mustang filly at the 2002 Wild Horse Workshop

We help people who want to become horse owners, and new horse owners learn to care for and enjoy horses in a way that respects the horses physical and emotional needs, is safe for them, safe for the horse and which results in a partnership with the horse.

We help horse owners understand the principals of natural foot care and have the knowledge to make logical decisions as to whether or not their horses need to be shod.

We help people find horses that are appropriate to their skill levels and the riding discipline they have chosen to pursue.

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