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Blanketing Horses Part 2

Blanketing Horses Part 2

Hi There, This is a follow up to my blanketing email from last November. Just to quickly review the “Take home message” from the November email; Here is the “take home”. Horses are not cold because you are cold. Horses may not be cold when you think they should be cold. Blanketing interferes with the horse’s […]

Do Horses Get Cold?

Cartoon of horses talking about horse blankets

Blanketing horses is a hotly debated and often misunderstood subject. I often see blanketed horses who are owned by people who I otherwise think are good horsemen and women. The horses are blanketed because the owner thinks they are cold, because they, the owner, is cold or they think the horse will be cold without […] Web Site Upgrade Web Site Upgrade

Bye, Bye, Old Website! Our old web site created in the days of steam-powered websites has been replaced by our new computer and mobile device friendly site. Hope you like the added convenience! Significant Changes We’ll be adding a new shopping cart soon that will make buying Forco and other horse health supplements easier. As […]

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