Picture of Frank Bell (L) and Jim Rea

Jim Rea and Frank Bell (L) at a “Seven-Day Intensive” horsemanship clinic in Arizona.

Jim Rea has conducted educational horsemanship clinics here in Colorado and abroad for  years with great success, often along side other well know gentlers and equine trainers like Frank Bell.  Jim’s many years of working closely with Frank Bell earned Jim accreditation as a practitioner of Frank Bell’s 7-Step Safety System of working with horses.

Jim Rea’s depth of equine knowledge from nutrition and living conditions to proper saddle fit has been a perfect complement to Bell’s methods as they share every facet in both group settings and in one-on-one instruction.

“Seven-Day Intensives”

As the name implies, the most intensive horsemanship training Jim Rea conducts are Seven-Day Intensives. Riders of every experience level and every riding style will benefit from attending these intense, in-depth horsemanship workshops. Daily demonstrations are prefaced with discussions that will have you re-examine your most fundamental understandings of horse-human relationships. You will learn to avoid creating the problems that produce “problem horses.” You will learn to ride in true harmony with physical and psychological symmetry with a variety of horses.

You will escalate your horsemanship skills by a quantum leap when you attend one of Jim’s concentrated clinics. Participants will learn the skills for gentling horses and assuming mastery over training and riding skills which otherwise can take a lifetime. Using Frank Bell’s acclaimed 7-Step Safety System Jim will give you the foundation techniques to apply to every horse regardless of age or issue. These clinics are, as the name implies, are “intense.” Comments from attendees range from “the most important week of my life,” to “I can’t tell you how much I learned in these seven days.”

Intensives are often packaged along with a variety of ancillary services and creature comforts and are scheduled in Colorado as well as other states, typically at guest ranches with the ability to comfortably handle groups.

Generally, packages  often offer such all-inclusive services as:

  • Airport pick-up and return
  • Lodging & meals
  • Horses & tack (you may bring your own horse or horses if you wish)
  • 6 days of training
  • Horseback riding trails, team penning, swimming, hiking, dancing, evening campfires and other ancillary activities

Description of a typical 7-Day Intensive

Intensives are designed for the serious minded who sincerely want to improve their understanding and communication skills with horses. Professionals as well as pleasure riders benefit greatly from this week of study and fun as each day builds on the previous.

  • Mornings begin with a lecture and demonstration of the newly introduced material, followed by student participation. Hands on with horses 9-12:30.
  • Lunch is followed by a siesta, then lecture and demonstrations until 5:30-6:00. Topics like nutrition, foot handling, natural foot care and trimming, dentistry, pain assessment, saddle fitting, dealing with vices, clippers, bathing, water crossing, knots & rope-work, trailer loading, and more are addressed, demonstrated, and practiced by the students.
  • Afternoon rides and team penning are optional.
  • Individual time and consultation with Frank and Jim as needed.

As the week progresses, each session takes on its own personality as side trips riding into the desert, swimming, and adult camaraderie develop. Evening entertainment is often featured. Viewed as an adult camp with a theme, this format has the highest degree of retention by the students. Even veteran equine professionals are awed by the knowledge they bring home. Working with a large variety of horses with varying personalities is an invaluable opportunity and critical to the learning process. There is absolutely no substitute for handling a variety of horses in one week!

Many former participants return to improve their skills and are encouraged to share their newly found knowledge with others as they hone their teaching, verbal, and public speaking skills. Jim Rea’s Intensives are truly life changing experiences.

All you need bring is your rapt attention and a burning desire to learn this gentle process of horse handling and safe riding with a new level of skill and confidence.

Clinic fees are generally around $2950 double-occupancy. Single supplement are usually about $200.00, depending on the location selected for the clinic. Contact CNHC for details.


A 7-Day Intensive conducted at Arizona’s White Stallion Ranch