Jim Rea recommends a number of products every horse owner will find essential for the care of their horses, tack and rider.

Schreiners Herbal Solution

Schreiners Herbal Solution – Far and away the best topical wound healing product I have ever used.

It is all natural and really works well. I have used it on several horses who were beginning to develop proud flesh and the Schreiners seemed to melt it away.

Here’s a series of pictures of Rainbow, a badly injured horse that we treated with Schreiners Herbal Solution over a period of months.

Caution: These are graphic images – be prepared » See the pictures.

Picture of Leather Therapy products

Leather Therapy products

Leather Therapy – I keep my tack and all my leather equipment in excellent condition with Leather Therapy products. These are the best products I have ever used…way better than Neatsfoot oil-based products. The leather only absorbs what it can use.

They also have an amazing product that allows you to wash leather products like chaps in a clothes washer! Unbelievable!

– Jim Rea

Picture of a Supracor Saddle Pad

Supracor Saddle Pad

Supracor Saddle Pad The superior Supracor Saddle Pad is my runaway top choice in equine pads. The pad is by far one of the most important pieces of equipment to protect a horse’s back. Most off-the-shelf saddles do not fit a horse perfectly, which can cause problems and pain. The innovative patented honeycomb Supracor pad works like a shock absorber, grips and cools, prevents pressure points, is lightweight and easy to clean.


Holistic Veterinary Services – Dr. Roger DeHaan has a Holistic veterinary practice in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. I was referred to him by Dr. Susan Crawford who has done Cranio-Sacral balancing on my horses as well as a number of my clients. Dr. DeHaan has a homeopathic nosode that specifically boosts the immune system of horses against the West Nile Virus. You add it to the horse’s water about once a month during the mosquito season. I have been using it on my horses and am pleased with the results. If you are interested in additional, or alternate West Nile Virus protection, I suggest you contact Dr. DeHaan.

Horseman’s English / Spanish Dictionary & Wall Chart – Author Maria Belknap has created two wonderful products to help bridge the English/Spanish language gap for horsemen. The Horseman’s English/Spanish Dictionary is an excellent and comprehensive dictionary tailored specifically to the equine market. Containing more than 4,000 words and phrases, the dictionary is divided into four chapters: the horse, the rider, the facility, and the employee. This dictionary is really a must have for all horsemen. Belknap also created a quick-reference wall chart, the Horseman’s English/Spanish Poster containing about 300 of the most commonly used words and phrases pertaining to feeding, grooming, showing, trailering and more translated into English and Spanish.

Synergist Saddles

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Jim Rea, Colorado horse trainer and owner of the Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center says:
“If you care about your horse’s well being and performance then using a Synergist Saddle just makes sense. Synergist is the only saddle I know of that is designed to fit the back of a moving horse! You wouldn’t expect your horse to be comfortable wearing a poor fitting saddle any more than you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing someone else’s shoes.”

Synergist Saddles fit you and your horse. I recommend Synergist Saddles. Synergist makes every effort to design saddles that fit both the horse and rider. The result is a comfortable and balanced ride for both short and long distance riding. Custom designed saddles for all riding disciplines – traditional Western, light weight trail saddles, endurance, roping, dressage and English saddles.