Picture of two horses eating hay

“I sure like the hay my owner gets from the Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center!”

Some people think the only measure of hay is cost per bale. We believe every horse owner should first know the nutritional value of the forage they are feeding their horses before buying hay.

A mature horse needs to eat about 2.5% of its body weight in good quality forage to maintain condition, so a thousand pound horse needs to have about twenty five pounds of good hay a day. If you are feeding by the flake, unless you know how much each flake weighs and how much your horse weighs, you will only be guessing about the proper amount of feed for your horse.

When you buy hay, the two easiest to understand measures of quality are protein content and Relative Food Value or RFV. The latter is a measure of palatability and digestibility. Horse owners most often buy by the bale, and we sell by the bale, because that’s how people want to buy.

– Jim Rea

The bottom line is, in the end, you are buying weight and quality, not a number of bales.


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